AKAY PLASTIK is a high-performance flame retardant masterbatch producer; executing its productions according to customer demands by using various types of carrier resins and environment friendly FR chemicals. FR asterbatches are the best solutions for low quantity production inquiries of customers and ensure lower production costs and higher product performance to producers as well as serving UV resistance and non-blooming surface effect.

Customers should especially be carefull regarding the homogeneous dispersion of the masterbatch and the polymer. AKAY PLASTIK has different types of halogen and halogen-free, RoHs convenient products with variable usage percentages according to the required flame retardancy standards.

B-8020N10 PC-ABS Blend
P-30GFN01 PC %20 Cam Elyaf %10 Cam Bilye Katkılı
B-12FRN01V0 PC-ABS Alev Geciktiricili Halojen RoHS
P-10GFN08 PC %10 Cam Elyaf Katkılı
B-10HFN01V2 PC-ABS Alev Geciktiricili Halojensiz
B-09FRN01V0 PC-ABS Alev Geciktiricili Halojen RoHS
P-10GFN07 PC %10 Cam Elyaf Katkılı Darbe Dayanımlı
B-6040N02V0 PC-ABS Alev Geciktiricili Halojen RoHS UV ve Darbe Dayanımlı
B-7030N10 PC-ABS Blend
B-10GFN09 PC-ABS %10 Cam Elyaf Katkılı Darbe Dayanımlı
B-9010N03 PC-ABS Blend
P-0000N01 PC Katkısız
J-30GFN11 PC-PBT %30 Cam Elyaf Katkılı Darbe Dayanımlı
P-30GFN04 PC %30 Cam Elyaf Katkılı
J-30GFN09 PC-PBT %30 Cam Elyaf Katkılı Isı Stabilizeli Darbe Dayanımlı
B-8515N11 PC-ABS Blend
B-10FRN01V0 PC-ABS Alev Geciktiricili Halojen RoHS
B-5050N05 PC-ABS Blend
B-8020N07V2 PC-ABS Alev Geciktiricili Halojensiz
B-06FRN01V0 PC-ABS Alev Geciktiricili Halojenli RoHS Darbe Dayanımlı
P-15FRN01 PC Alev Geciktiricili Halojensiz
P-0000N02 PC Katkısız
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