AKMARIL® ABS is the registered trade name for ABS compounds produced by AKAY PLASTIK. AKMARIL® ABS, which is produced for both extrusion and injection applications with improved mechanical, physical and thermal properties meets the needs of all sectors.
Product specifications
  • Glossy finish
  • Easy processing and thermoforming
  • Impact resistance at low temperature
  • Improvable thermal and mechanical properties
  • Low mold shrinkage
  • Dimensional stability
  • Halogen/Halogen free flame retardant
  • Low smoke volume and toxic ratio
Product range
  • Natural
  • Glossy/Mat surface
  • Impact modified
  • High heat resistant
  • Glass fiber reinforced
  • Glass bead reinforced
  • Carbon fiber reinforced
  • Mineral filled
  • Flame retardant
  • Heat stabilized
  • UV/Light stabilized
  • Electric conductivity
  • Antistatic
AKMARIL® ABS product list.
A-0000N01 ABS Extrusion
A-0000N02 ABS Injection
A-0000N03 ABS High Heat
A-05IMN01 ABS Impact Resistance
A-10IMN02 ABS Impact Resistance
A-20IMN01 ABS Impact Resistance
A-18GFN01 ABS %18 Glass Fiber
A-18GFN02 ABS %18 Glass Fiber Impact Resistance
A-20GFN02 ABS %20 Glass Fiber
A-22GFN01 ABS %22 Glass Fiber
A-25GFN01 ABS %25 Glass Fiber Impact Resistance
A-30GFN02 ABS %30 Glass Fiber
A-30GFN01 ABS %30 Glass Fiber Impact Resistance
A-30GBN01 ABS %30 Glass Bead
A-10GFN01V0 ABS %10 Glass Fiber Flame Retardant Halogen RoHS Impact Resistance
A-10TAB01 ABS %10 Talc
A-20TAN01 ABS %20 Talc
A-10MAN02 ABS %10 Matting Agent
A-11CAB01 ABS %10 Calcium Carbonate Heat Stabilized
A-12FRN01V0 ABS Flame Retardant Halogen RoHS
A-12FRN01V1 ABS Flame Retardant Halogen RoHS
A-20FRZ01V0 ABS Flame Retardant Halogen RoHS Smoke Suppressant
A-23FRN02V0 ABS Flame Retardant Halogen RoHS
AN-0000N01 ABS-PA.6 Blend %20 Glass Fiber
AN-30GFN01 ABS-PA.6 Blend %30 Glass Fiber
B-5050N05 ABS-PC Blend
B-6040N01 ABS-PC Blend
B-7525UVN01 ABS-PC Blend
B-7030N09 ABS-PC Blend
B-8020N08 ABS-PC Blend
B-8515N09 ABS-PC Blend
B-9010N02 ABS-PC Blend
TPA-5050N01 ABS-TPU Blend
Y-5050N02 ABS-PMMA Blend
Fields of application
White goods and household appliances
Household appliances