Established in 1989 as AKAY PLASTIK, today we carry the business as one of the leading foundations in Turkey in thermoplastic compounds production with hi-tech Research & Development Laboratory and modern twin screw extruder lines.

We follow every advanced technology in thermoplastic compounds sector since we have founded and we are strategically targeting to grow and develop, investing in scopes providing cost advantage.

We offer service as a reliable supplier in internal and foreign markets, while being a compound manufacturer shaping the sector with wide product range and 30 years of know- how.

Most of all with the consciousness of “growth and development is only possible with customer satisfaction”, we work hard to provide solutions according to customer needs.This is the key to success for AKAY PLASTIK.

We produce thermoplastic compounds without sacrificing quality and excellent service, in a world class production plant with a professional team and years of knowledge and experience.

Compounds which are produced for both extrusion and injection applications with improved mechanical, physical and thermal properties meet the needs of all sectors. Thus, AKAY PLASTIK, having a wide product range, is able to make special productions according to customer needs.